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Don't Face the Music Alone!

A Podcast Supporting the Emotional Journey of Artists

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What's the Music Therapy podcast?

Welcome to the Music Therapy podcast, the best music podcast for musicians and music lovers alike.


Being a musician has never been easy, but in today's over-saturated world, it feels more daunting than ever. With little money and murky paths to success, musicians are struggling to find their place and value in the world.

On the Music Therapy podcast, you'll find indispensable and inspiring conversations with musicians, industry professionals, and licensed psychotherapists. Gain insights into the ups and downs of creativity, the music industry, and the importance of mental health.

Join us as we dive deep into the creative process with your favorite artists, exploring what it's really like to be a musician in today's world. From candid music interviews to heartfelt discussions, we bring you the stories and experiences that shape the lives of musicians.

Charting all over the world and featured in Axios and NPR, the Music Therapy podcast is your #1 resource for creative and mental health support. Whether you're a musician seeking guidance, or a music fan curious about the realities behind the scenes, this podcast is your pocket guide to navigating life as an artist while keeping a firm grip on your mental well-being.

Tune in to the Music Therapy podcast and join our community of passionate music enthusiasts on a journey of self-discovery, inspiration, and empowerment.

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