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Episode 77:

Camilo Medina


Divino Niño


Show Notes

In this week's music interview podcast, I talked with Camilo Medina of Divino Niño! 


Here's Camilo Medina's bio:

Camilo Medina is a musician and visual artist. Born and raised in Colombia, he now resides in Chicago.

Camilo is a super talented artist, both with his music and graphic design, and it would be easy to be sort of intimidated by him if he weren't so friendly and positive.  My favorite part of our conversation was when he talked about an artist's search for "truth" and I asked him what exactly he meant by that, because I never quite know what "truth" is, you know?  But he led me down a path that I totally vibed with.  He also had excellent thoughts on collaborating with others and you get the sense he's done some personal evolution on that.  I also liked hearing how they're working on their new album, his new bath routine, and exploring his spiritual side.  All in all a very positive episode with real depth in how a talented artist approaches 

Listen to our full conversation here!


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