Episode 75:

Steve Malden


Comedy vs Music

Show Notes


Show Notes

In this week's music interview podcast, I talked with comedian and musician Steve Malden of Sofas!


Steve describes his music as:

Sofas is lo fi bedroom pop with doomy happy themes.

Purely observational on my part, but there generally seems to be a lot of overlap between comedy and music.  Steve is one of those guys who does both, and he's also one of my favorite comedians.  Ask any Chicago comedian who their favorite Chicago comedians are and "Steve Malden" will definitely be on the list.  I also love his music; it's honest and raw and has a charming lofi bedroom pop sound.  I'm sorta sad about Steve bc I love watching him perform here in Chicago and Steve just moved to NYC.  Maybe I'm jealous?  He talks about why he made that leap in the episode.  He also talks about being obsessed with reactions he gets on his social media jokes, being annoyed when people say they only want to do their art, drugs and alcohol, working on his comedy and music, therapy, and a whole bunch of things.  This episode is a fantastic blend of humor and what it's like to really work on your art.  I highly recommend it, and I also highly recommend following Steve's Twitter.  And if you're in NYC, I highly recommend going to see him perform for cheap before he blows up.  

Below are a few links to some things we talked about.  Listen to our full conversation here!


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