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Episode 68:

Nathan Graham 

Show Notes

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Show Notes

In this week's music interview podcast, I talked with Nathan Graham!


Here's Nathan Graham's bio:

Nathan Graham is a musician born and raised in Chicago. His music bridges the gap between South Side Soul and Nashville, creating a new inclusive vision of singer-songwriter. He built his career over the last ten years as a guitar-for-hire, touring internationally with major label and indie acts, but all the while focused on songwriting and honing his skills as a solo performer.

Nathan was great, a true working musician, and I'm sure he's gonna get where he wants to go.  This conversation definitely feels time-stamped, as it was recorded on July 21, 2021, and Delta quickly changed the landscape of live music not long after our conversation.  But I loved hearing Nathan talk about keeping his cool when calming customers at his job, how that skills transfers to ignoring haters online, his love for the Chicago music community and frustration with the Chicago music industry.  

Here's a few links to some things we talked about.  Listen to our full conversation here!


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