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Show Notes 

EP 77

Camilo Medina (Divino Niño) is Vibing in the Bath

EP 76

Darien Williams Can't Say No / Balancing Work & Creativity 

EP 75

Steve Malden on Comedy vs Music and Moving to NYC

EP 74

Richard Album's Last Show

EP 73

Savanna Dickhut (Burr Oak) Pours Her Heart Out

EP 72

Pandemic Burnout - Dealing with Prolonged Stress with Dr. Caroline Adelman

EP 71

Macie Stewart Needs Some Alone Time

EP 70

Andrew Sa Is Better With Others

EP 68

Nathan Graham Keeps His Cool

EP 67

Jess Viscius of BNNY on Grief and Making An Album Blue

EP 66

Chris Koltay's Rock and Roll Fantasy

EP 65

All About SONGWRITING! with Jean Cochrane of Hard Femme!

EP 64

GIRL K Talks Songwriting, Finding Each Other and Crying in The Green Room

EP 63

DR. LAUREN NEAMAN  on Social Anxiety in the Time of Covid & Being A Social Being

EP 62

ADAM SCHUBERT  (ULNA, Cafe Racer) Talks Addiction, Recovery, and Staying Sober in the Music Scene