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Thank you for  being a guest on Music Therapy!  I'm so excited to have you on the show. 

Below is some information and technical details to know before your appearance.  (Please note this information is only for individual guests; if you are on a "Group Session", we will contact you about details for your appearance.)

- Jessica

instagram info + tech details


The show is streamed through Instagram Live via my Instagram account (@jessicarisker).  

I'll start the show on IG live by myself to introduce the show and you. Then you'll receive an invite to join (you'll need to be watching the live stream to receive the invite) and we should be good to go!

Tips and things to know:

  • Use the Instagram app on your phone (not your computer!) to join the live stream 

  • Make sure to update Instagram to the latest version before your appearance

  •  I recommend turning your phone to "do not disturb" during our conversation so you don't get interrupted by notifications

  •  Use the instagram account you want to promote to join the live stream (for example, if you have a personal account and a band account, you might prefer to use your band account to alert your fans to the stream and encourage new fans to like your page)

  •  Consider your lighting and background!   Make sure you're well lit and that your phone is positioned so we can see your face 

  • If you want to do a test-run before the show, I'm happy to do that!  Just reach out beforehand and I'll walk you through the process

  • Promote the show!  Let your friends, family, and fans know about your appearance so they tune in - the more people we have watching and interacting, the more fun the show!

  • We will be in touch the day of our show to check in!  

Thank you so much for being a guest on the show!  I very much look forward to our conversation,

- Jessica


Email me or text with any questions!!

773 - three one six - eight six nine three

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