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Licensed therapist and critically-acclaimed musician Jessica Risker goes deep into the psyche of musicians and bands as they collectively get to the root of their relationships with each other, how they create, and open up about life's anxieties LIVE. Really get to know a band before you hear the art they poured their heart and soul into. Sit back and relax on Jessica's couch for Music Therapy!

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Jessica Risker, Host

Jessica Risker is a musician, professional therapist, and visual artist based in Chicago, Illinois.    At the beginning of 2020's coronavirus pandemic, Risker began a podcast called "Music Therapy with Jessica Risker".  Risker's goal was to connect the Chicago music community, explore issues meaningful to musicians, and offer mental health awareness and support.  The podcast continues to grow beyond the bounds of the pandemic.  Risker is also working on a new album.     

Sully Davis, Producer

Sully Davis has been working professionally in the entertainment industry for nearly a decade, and has been booking and running events since middle school. Throughout, Sully has focused on investing in artists early and working with them from the ground up.

photo by alexa viscius
photo by Spark and Glow photography

Joshua Wentz, Engineer

Composing/performing/recording since 1996.

Joshua is a Chicago-based recording artist and composer for theater and film. He enjoys collaboration and working in different genres and styles whenever possible.

Most of Josh's work involves both analog and digital tools, synthesizers and traditional instruments, with a focus on the liminal spaces created by their combination.

Current band projects include Silvergirl (with Steve O’Connell), Brash Flair (with Kristin Johnston and Scott Simon), and Jessica Risker.