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Episode 108
Every Decision Unlocks Another - feat. Lipsticism
Episode 107
The Cost of Touring with Half Gringa
Episode 106
Fuck the Algorithm! with Steff Reed
Episode 105
Should You Hire A Publicist? (with Colin Smith)
Episode 104
Spread Joy Spreads Joy (Group Session!)
Episode 103:
Grammys, Tonys, and Buddhism with Duncan Sheik
Episode 102:
Meet Annie Fish, Erstwhile 90’s MTV Rock Star
Episode 101
Lizzie No, Harps, and Hired Guns
Episode 100:
100 episodes!!!
Episode 99:
Moving to L.A. Pt 2 (maybe) (with Uma Bloo)
Episode 98:
Moving to L.A. Pt 1 (with BRIDEY)
Episode 97:
Mike Meegan of RXM Reality Waxes on Samples, Sobriety, and Social Media
Episode 96:
What Happens When Fame Fades? with Nick Duerden, Author of "Exit Stage Left: The Curious Afterlife of Pop Stars"
Episode 95:
Four Comedians Start a Band…or, Group Session with Boo Baby!
Episode 94:
How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome (with guest therapist Dr. Lincoln Hill)
Episode 93:
Dustin Currier (Lightleak) Quits His Job, How to Make a Creative Space, and Binary Thinking
Episode 92:
Daniel Wyche on Quarantine Concerts, Getting Older, and the Chicago Music Scene
Episode 91:
Group Session! featuring FRIKO or How to Live With Your Bandmates
Episode 90:
Jason Balla of Dehd on Recording, Lo-fi vs Hi-fi, and Touring Tips
Episode 89:
Autism and the Best DIY Spaces Ever with Charles Joseph Smith
Episode 88:
Psychedelics, Psychosis, and Death with Angela James
Episode 87:
Joshua Wentz, Musical Man of International Intrigue
Episode 86:
Toxic People and How to Deal With Them with Lynn Zakeri, LCSW
Episode 85:
Ryan Hall (Whited Sepulchre Records) Transmutes Pain Into Gold
Episode 84:
Devin Shaffer’s Screen Is A (Warped) Mirror
Episode 83:
Kirk Rawlings (Courtesy) on Drugs, Creativity, and Suicide
Episode 82:
Overcoming Performance Anxiety with Dr. Claire Kubiesa
Episode 81:
Group Session! Cordoba Uses the Washer to Hide the Tears, Collaborating as a Sextet, a Dazzling Live Performance, and More!
Episode 80:
Babehoven on Dance Mornings, Setting Boundaries, and Winning the Love Lottery
Episode 79:
Quinn Tsan on The Vanity of the Arts and Becoming a Film Composer
Episode 78:
Jessica Takes a Break Until 2022 for Self Care and the Holidays!
Episode 77:
Camilo Medina (Divino Niño) Is Vibing in the Bath
Episode 76:
Darien Williams Can‘t Say No / Balancing Work & Creativity
Episode 75:
Steve Malden on Comedy vs Music and Moving to NYC
Episode 74:
Richard Album‘s Last Show
Episode 73:
Savanna Dickhut (Burr Oak) Pours Her Heart Out
Episode 72:
Pandemic Burnout - Dealing With Prolonged Stress w Dr. Caroline Adelman
Episode 71:
Macie Stewart Needs Some Alone Time
Episode 70:
Andrew Sa Is Better With Others
Episode 69:
Hausu Mountain Will Dominate the World + live performance by Pepper Mill Rondo
Episode 68:
Nathan Graham Keeps His Cool
Episode 67:
Jess Viscius of BNNY on Grief and Making An Album Blue
Episode 66:
Chris Koltay’s Rock and Roll Fantasy
Episode 65:
All about SONGWRITING! with Jean Cochrane of Hard Femme
Episode 64:
Girl K Talks Songwriting, Finding Each Other and Crying in The Green Room
Episode 63:
Dr Lauren Neaman on Social Anxiety in the Time of Covid & Being A Social Being
Episode 62:
Adam Schubert (ULNA, Cafe Racer) Talks Addiction, Recovery, and Staying Sober in the Music Scene
Episode 61:
Brian Case of FACS Talks Success, Collaboration, Being a Musician Dad and a Dad of a Musician
Episode 60:
Tasha Talks Softness, the Magic of Live Shows, and Being Present
Episode 59:
Tobacco City’s Love/Hate Relationship with the Music Business + Live Performance
Episode 58:
Jess Robbins of Course Balances Being a Musician and a Mom
Episode 57:
Ryan Suzuka of Blow Wind Blow Learns Harmonica in Secret
Episode 56:
Bill MacKay Shares His Dad’s Struggle with BiPolar Disorder, His New Album, and More!
Episode 55:
Interview with Sam Cantor of Minor Moon
Episode 54:
The Romanticization of Mental Illness - Interview with Bret Rodysill of The Record Summer
Episode 53:
Interview with Rami Atassi
Episode 52:
Interview with Mia Joy
Episode 51:
Interview with Claudia Ferme of Claude
Episode 50:
Interview with Dave Vettraino of Public House Sound Recordings and The Hecks
Episode 49:
Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with guest therapist Malory Dahl
Episode 48:
Interview with Adele Nicholas of Axons
Episode 47:
Interview with Brianna Tong of Cordoba
Episode 46:
Interview with Angel Marcloid of Fire-Toolz
Episode 45:
Interview with Isabel Cristina of Half Gringa
Episode 44:
Interview with Roy Kinsey
Episode 43:
Interview with Mick Fansler of The Curls
Episode 41:
Interview with Jake Acosta of Lake Paradise Records
Episode 40:
Interview with Sarah Jane Quillin of Desert Liminal
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