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Episode 110

Artistic Jealousy (with Ben Stover of Popcorn Psychology)

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Session Notes

Jealousy is tough emotion, but can it be useful??

In this episode of Music Therapy, I chat with therapist/musician Ben Stover - who also co-hosts the Popcorn Psychology podcast -  all about Artistic Jealousy.

We look a the ways it can manifest, how social media leads us to comparison and jealousy, and what you can do about it.

If you've ever felt envious of someone else's success or talent, sit back and face the feeling with us - and see how you can turn your jealousy into productivity in this episode of Music Therapy.

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Song featured in episode: "Hangin with the Boys in the Enchanted Forest" by eternal goofball David Yontz


Music Therapy Podcast Credits:

Music Therapy is hosted by Jessica Risker, produced by Sullivan Davis of Local Universe, and engineered by Joshua Wentz in Chicago.

Opening and closing music composed by Joshua Wentz.



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