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Episode 79:

Quinn Tsan on The Vanity of the Arts and Becoming a Film Composer


Session Notes

In this week's music interview podcast, I talked with Quinn Tsan!

Here's Quinn Tsan's bio:

Quinn Tsan is a songwriter, composer, and producer. Quinn pursued music through her early twenties, but took a long pause in 2016 to work in local government and started a non-profit to help voters participate more easily in local policy. Quinn started touring with Manual Cinema as a musician and sound designer in 2017.  She started scoring films around the same time and kept landing film jobs.  Quinn also started an LP during the pandemic and is currently contemplating her life choices.

    Quinn was so easy to talk to.  I loved hearing her journey to becoming a composer for film and there's some great takeaways from her story that could inspire any aspiring film composer.  It was also cool to hear how she's bounced around, from working in a corporation to pursuing the arts to starting a non-profit to working on her own LP, and all the excitement and uncertainty and insecurity pursuing an art career entails.  We also dig into her discomfort with the ego that accompanies promoting your own work.  All in all this was a great conversation from a talented and driven Chicago artist.


Quinn Tsan Bandcamp page


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