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Episode 99:

Moving to L.A. Pt 2 (maybe) (with Uma Bloo)


Session Notes

Uma Bloo is a pool.

Uma Bloo is the persona of Molly Madden, a musician from Chicago who is maybe thinking about possibly moving to LA.  Molly worked on an album for years and released it and then left her band and is currently in total flux with music, where it lives in her life, her goals, and what it all means.

This is a very vulnerable place for a musician to be and totally relatable, and Molly explores it all in this episode of Music Therapy.

Songs featured in episode:  "To Be Vast" and "Don't Drive Into the Smoke" by Uma Bloo

Music Therapy Podcast Credits:

Music Therapy is hosted by Jessica Risker, produced by Sullivan Davis of Local Universe, and engineered by Joshua Wentz in Chicago.

Opening and closing music composed by Joshua Wentz.  

Instrumental interstitial music by David Yontz.



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