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Episode 114

Healthy Touring Tips (mmmm Arby’s)

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Session Notes

The van's full of gas, the drums fit, and there's hope in your eyes!


Arby's is getting old, you want a shower, and too much beer is taking a toll.

Touring can be amazing! But it's rarely the healthiest time of your life.

So we got four experienced touring musicians to share how to make touring healthier.

We cover:

  • Sleep

  • Diet

  • Drugs/alcohol

  • Keeping up with relationships back home

  • How to keep band communication open

  • Finances

  • Essential things to bring on tour

And more!  Featuring musicians Eric Novak, John Garrison, Eli Winter, and Lizzie No


Musicians featured in episode:

Eric Novak 

John Garrison

Eli Winter

Lizzie No


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