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Episode 83:

Kirk Rawlings (Courtesy) on Drugs, Creativity, and Suicide


Session Notes

     “We've always made music that's too weird for the straight people and too straight for the weird.” - Kirk Rawlings

     Kirk Rawlings is one-half of Chicago band Courtesy, and we go deep in this very candid, personal, and surprisingly uplifting episode of Music Therapy.

     Kirk shares Courtesy's creative process,  his relationship with psychiatric and street drugs, dealing with anxiety and depression, his evolving definition of artistic success and how his two suicide attempts changed him.

     We also talk about Courtesy's new album "Check the Milk" out now on Seasick Records, and listen to a couple tracks from the band.

Tracks featured:  "King Clave" and "Buy Me A Soda" by Courtesy.


  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline

  • Courtesy (Bandcamp)


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