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Ep 61 Brian Case of FACS Talks Success Collaboration Being a Musician Dad and a Dad of a Musician
Episode 61:

Brian Case of FACS Talks Success, Collaboration, Being a Musician Dad and a Dad of a Musician

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Session Notes

In this episode of Music Therapy I interview Chicago musician Brian Case of FACS and Disappears! 

Brian describes what music success means to him, making music during the pandemic, writing and recording collaboratively, how he balances fatherhood with music and touring, his son’s foray into music, FACS new album Present Tense, and lots more!!

Brian Case bio:  

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Brian Case was a teenager when he got on board the music train with 90 Day Men, and he’s been on it ever since. Based in Chicago, he was second guitarist with garage rockers Ponys and the stern vocal center of Disappears. Currently he leads FACS, a trio that pares Disappears’ dynamic sound to starker, more monolithic essence.  FACS use minimalism and space to create abstract, modern art rock.

Songs featured in episode:

"Won't You Meet Us In Vegas?" by Jessica Risker off "Big Forever" via Already Dead Tapes & Records

"Strawberry Cough" by FACS off "Present Tense" via Trouble in Mind Records



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