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Episode 80:

Babehoven on Dance Mornings, Setting Boundaries, and Winning the Love Lottery


Session Notes

In this week's music interview podcast, I talked with Maya Bon and Ryan Albert of Babehoven!

Here's Babehoven's bio:

Since starting Babehoven in Portland, Oregon in 2017, Maya Bon has shown herself to be a gifted heart-on-sleeve songwriter, using music to peel back the layers of her own experiences—sometimes sad, sometimes surreal, always vividly rendered—to reveal universal emotional truths hidden in the most intimately personal of details.

     As a therapist, I often work with couples.  Couples generally come to therapy when they need help working something out, and as you can imagine, it can sometimes be tense.

     That's why it was so nice to talk with Maya and Ryan of Babehoven.  They have a very sweet dynamic!  I've always wondered what it would be like to work on music while dating a bandmate, and it was really interesting to hear how they come up with ideas, give each other feedback and work through conflict while working on music together.

     We also talked about their new EP "Sunk" out now on Double Double Whammy, their work ethic, using music to deal with past family trauma and loss, setting boundaries and fresh starts, communication skills, their adorable dog Woody, and lots more!

Listen to our full conversation here!

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