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Episode 84:

Devin Shaffer’s Screen Is A (Warped) Mirror


Session Notes

“I really do have a hard time with self-promotion on the internet and with seeing my internet self mirrored back to me, which just never feels totally genuine...” - Devin Shaffer

     Devin Shaffer is a musician and multidisciplinary artist based in Chicago, Illinois. Interlacing otherworldly folk with ambient drone, field recording, and found and archival audio, Devin’s sound is best described as auditory collage.

On her debut LP “In My Dreams I’m There” - released in June of 2021 - Shaffer brings listeners on a traversal through different sonic environments, with poppier moments emerging from seas of ambient drift.

Devin has organized toward change for arts laborers with local groups including The Chicago Arts Census, and has volunteered for Chicago non-profit Experimental Sound Studio. She currently works as art director at American Dreams Records and is a student at Harold Washington College.

     Devin is a very thoughtful guest, and we cover a range of topics: social media, stage fright, releasing an album during quarantine, having professional musician parents, the transcendence of performing, having a breakdown after her last album release, her archivist tendencies, being present, and using field recordings in her music - and more!


  • Devin Shaffer official site

  • American Dreams Records

  • Eckhart Tolle


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