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Episode 115

Love Is The New Cool with Joka No Joke

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Session Notes

Chicago's Joka No Joke is a self-proclaimed "rap therapist" with a brand-new mixtape called "Recess".

In this episode of Music Therapy, we dig into the new-found freedom and playfulness Joka experienced while creating the album.   We touch on his creative process, tapping into his inner child, his "New Cool" philosophy, reflections and changes in his life through the pandemic,  how fatherhood has impacted Joka, and the importance of order.

We go deep but keep it moving!  It's refreshing and inspiring to hear how Joka's relationship with music has evolved over the years.

Tracks featured in episode: "Reloaded" and "Order" by Joka No Joke.


Music Therapy Podcast Credits:

Music Therapy is hosted by Jessica Risker, produced by Sullivan Davis of Local Universe, and engineered by Joshua Wentz in Chicago.

Opening and closing music composed by Joshua Wentz.

Ep 115


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