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Episode 116

Dan Rico and The Seductiveness of Pastiche

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Session Notes

How do you honor your idols without being derivative?  How do you start over in a new (york) city?

This week on Music Therapy I sit down with Dan Rico, a Chicago DIY scene fixture who moved to New York City right before the pandemic hit.

We get into creativity, live band recordings vs virtual instruments, SXSW takeaways, quitting drinking, finding a new music community in NYC, impostor syndrome, and lots more.

We also listen to a couple of new fantastic tracks from Dan: 

"Conceited" and " Hit and Run" plus a special bonus track "Better Company" that Dan and I collaborated on.


Dan Rico is a songwriter, guitar player, and multi-instrumentalist from Chicago, IL living In Brooklyn, NY. Rico is a writes music and performs in the Surf rock group High Waisted and plays guitar in the grunge band Dropper, who just got back from South by South West. Rico also releases music under his own name, collating inspirations as disparate as Prince, T Rex, Os Mutantes, and Taylor Swift.


Music Therapy Podcast Credits:

Music Therapy is hosted by Jessica Risker, produced by Sullivan Davis of Local Universe, and engineered by Joshua Wentz in Chicago.

Opening and closing music composed by Joshua Wentz.

Taped April 2023

Ep 116


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